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What Are The Benefits of Having a Solar Home System?

What Are The Benefits of Having a Solar Home System?

Solar Home Systems Saves Us Money

Solar Home Systems can save you a lot of money in the long term compared to permanently buying power from the electric grid.  It can save anywhere from 30% to 100% depending on the solar home system you set up.      In my own installation at my house, we have been saving at a range from 40% ~ 60% compared to our previous months of using pure grid power.   Please read this for a more detailed cost analysis on solar home systems.

We Help Our Environment Fight Climate Change

This graph shows where the Philippines gets its power.  Notice that 76% comes from fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas.  Only 24% comes from renewable.

We are one of the countries that contribute to climate change.  We should be doing our part to protect the earth.

One thing we can do that can help is to use renewable energy like geothermal, hydro, biomass, wind and solar.    Most of these solutions require the collective act of government and large industries to build them.   So what can we do individually?   The only feasible solution that we have control as individual households is to use solar energy.  By doing this, we can reduce our carbon footprint. In my installation at home, we are reducing our carbon footprint by 40 – 60% already.  Imagine if all Filipinos do this?   There is hope for the planet.


The Solar Panels Act As Another Layer of Insulation To Block The Heat

I measured the ceiling right under the solar panels and the temperature is lower by 1.4 degrees Celsius compared to the ceiling that does not hold solar panels.  That might not seem much but this difference can mean turning on the AC or not. At 31 degrees, this is already uncomfortable and most people might need AC at this temperature.  However, at 29.6 degrees Celsius, we do not need AC yet, an electric fan will do. And if you do turn on that air conditioner, remember that that is at least 10 times more wasteful compared to an electric fan.


Guilt-Free Air Conditioning On Hot Days

On days where there is a lot of sunlight, the temperature in the house can be hot and these are the times that we need air conditioner.  So even if you run the AC and since there is enough sunlight hitting the solar panels, it can run the AC, so it compensates.

On days that are cloudy, the temperature is lower so we do not need an air conditioner.  The electric fan is sufficient so even if the solar panels are generating even at reduced capacity, they can still power an electric fan.  



You may reduce your dependence on LPG for cooking because induction cookers and electric stoves can be used during the days that solar power is sufficient.



You can tell whoever is in charge of ironing clothes to do it while there is solar power so that you don’t have to use Meralco power which is expensive.


Battery Charging

All your devices that use rechargeable batteries can be charged when solar is sufficient so that you don’t use grid power at night.  


If you want to know more about how to use solar for your home, feel free to message me using the contact details below and I will take time to respond.

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We all live on one earth, our home.  Let’s join hands in protecting it.


Thank you for reading.

Galileo Valiente

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