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How Do We Set Up A Solar Home System?

How Do We Set Up A Solar Home System?

What is the recommended solar home system setup?

If you are currently connected to the grid (Meralco for most of us), then the most practical setup is to go for a grid-tied solar home system with net metering.  This setup combines power from Meralco plus power from a solar home system.    In this setup, your power needs are supplied by the solar home systems and if your solar setup is unable to produce enough power, then we draw from the distribution utility.  During times where your solar home system is producing more energy than you need, then it is exported to the grid which is deducted from your electric bill.

What Are The Things We Need To Set Up a Solar Home System?

We need these materials:

  • The solar panels or photovoltaic modules



  • Inverter
  • Solar Inverter


  • Mounting structure
  • Wiring, switch boxes, DC isolator
  • New electric meter – this is a bi-directional meter that can read both import and export usage.
  • New circuit breaker – this is an additional breaker between your existing household breaker and the power grid.  Required by Meralco if not yet existing.

These are the labor costs of solar home system installation:

  • Installation of panels – survey, engineering, the labor cost of installing the solar home system.
  • Net metering facilitation  – this is the legwork for dealing with Meralco and the local government offices in facilitating net metering.  
  • Remodeling of the grid entrance – this is the labor cost of re-wiring, installing a new breaker and a new meter.


How much does it take to set up a solar home system?  Please read this article “How Much Do Solar Home Systems Cost?


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